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AeroVal is a web platform for the evaluation of climate and air quality models used in several projects (CMIP, AeroCom, CAMS, ...). AeroVal makes us of the pyaerocom library in order to colocate models data with observations from several ground-based observation networks (EBAS, EEA, Aeronet, ...) or satellites (MODIS, AATSR, ...) and compute statistics such as biases and correlations. The dynamic plots allow for an easy exploration of the data, models intercomparisons, and regional statistics.

Figure 1: Overall evaluation heatmap (Normalized Mean Bias) of models and observations used in Gliss et al., 2020.

pyaerocom is written and tested for Python >= 3.6 and for unix based systems (Windows users, please information below in Getting started section). pyaerocom provides tools for processing and plotting of data related to the AEROCOM-project.

This includes reading and processing of gridded data (e.g. model or satellite data, e.g. NetCDF files) and ungridded data (e.g. observational data from AERONET or EBAS networks, e.g. ASCII files) as well as tools for colocation and cross evaluation of different datasets.