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Contribute with your data

If you want to visualize your data in AeroVal, there are two options available at present day. With the current implementation, we will have to prepare a couple of things prior to visualization. Please contact Augustin Mortier ( to get started.
1. Ask us
For punctual experiments, you can send us a request and we can run your experiment ourselves, if pyaerocom supports your data.
2. DIY
If you prefer to Do It Yourself, you can follow this recipe:
  • Download pyaerocom
  • Design your experiment with a configuration file
  • Run your experiment (to be documented)
  • Share the preprocessed JSON files with us
  • If you make the data available, we can fetch it, for example
    • via ftp
    • via git
Some remarks
  • If pyaerocom does not know how to read your data yet, please leave an issue
  • For both options, your experiment can be private or public, if you want other users to look at it or not.

We are continuously developing AeroVal. If your experience is not as easy and smooth as expected, do not hesitate to contact us!