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Make your own experiment

AeroVal is showing experiments data processed with pyaerocom. These experiments are described in a configuration file, which contains information on the experiment itself, on the osbervation and model data used, as well as other diverse requirements. This page help you to prepare such a configuration file.

If you run your experiment with pyaerocom yoursef (see notebook), you can visualize the evaluation results with AeroVal by running a local webserver after having cloned the AeroVal repository.

If you want to visualize an experiment on AeroVal without running pyaerocom yourself (data access restriction, python phobia, ...), you can simply send us your configuration file prepared through this page.

Experiment description
Give your experiment a name.
Select the most relevant project, or propose a new one.
Give your project a name.
Provide a short and comprehensible description of what this experiment is about.
Select one or several parameters.
Select associated observation networks.
Select the models you want to evaluate.
Select the statistics frequency.
Select individual years or time periods (year1-year2) separated by a semicolon.
Select the region of interest. This determines the regions used in the regional statistics and affects the initial map zoom.